Join Me Oct. 24th – 28th for the Make One, Freeze One Meal Challenge!!

Join Me Oct. 24th – 28th for the Make One, Freeze One Meal Challenge!!

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If you’ve been reading here for awhile, you know that I love sharing freezer meal plans with you – and I’ve recently just gushed over the new MyFreezEasy App (The awesome-sauce site where you can customize and print your OWN meal plans!)

If you want to try out and see what one of the meal plans is like from MyFreezEasy – next week is your chance!  Starting Oct. 24th, will be the Make One Freeze One Challenge where you will have access to one FREE meal plan (you choose out of 4 different plans) and we will Make One and Freeze One each week night next week together!

You will want to sign up for this now – so that you can plan for shopping for your ingredients to start on the 24th.

Who wants to join me Oct. 24th – Oct. 28th for the Make One Freeze One Challenge??

After you CLICK HERE to sign up, you:

Step 1 – Pick Your Meal Plan

Step 2 – Go Shopping (You will get the Shopping List!)

Step 3 – Make One Meal, Freeze One Meal with Us Next Week


Step 4 – Enjoy Your Freezer Full of Food!

After you sign up, you will be able to choose from 4 different meal plans.  I chose the Clean Eating meal plan and printed it right away.
Look through your plan and find the shopping lists.


Be on the lookout for some emails from which will send us reminders about this event.  Then next week, we can all encourage each other as we make one and freeze one and learn just how convenient and frugal freezer meal planning can be!

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