HUGE Zaycon Chicken Breast Sale for $0.99/lb Thru 3/12 – New Customers Only!

HUGE Zaycon Chicken Breast Sale for $0.99/lb Thru 3/12 – New Customers Only!

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So I’ve heard about Zaycon Fresh meat products for awhile, but I didn’t know that there are pick up locations actually near my house now.  I have blogging friends in other states (like Texas and Ohio) that have used Zaycon for awhile now.  But I’ve always just ignored their blog posts about the great prices or about recipes that use the meat.  But NOW – Zaycon Fresh has TWO pickup locations near my house!  The first deal I found out about, I paid just $0.79/lb for 40 lbs of Zaycon chicken breasts!  You can see all the details about it on my Facebook Live video.

You can also check out this short summary about Zaycon that Good Morning America put together:

Unfortunately, the $0.79/lb sale is over (it was only for 2 days – and then they changed it in the middle of the sale to  $0.99/lb.).  BUT I do have a promo code that expires on March 12th that gives you 40 lbs of chicken breasts for just $0.99/lb!  Use promo code MYFRESH40 at checkout and it will take $36 off of your order!  This code is only good for first time customers.

GO HERE and sign up for a Zaycon Fresh account if you haven’t already.  Then shop by location and see what meat can be picked up at what location.  For me in the Rochester, NY area, there are 2 locations for chicken breasts.  Click the location you want to pick yours up, then add Fresh Boneless Skinless Chicken Breasts, 40 lbs, to your cart.  Add promo code MYFRESH40 at checkout and $36 comes off of your order, dropping your price to $39.60 for 40 lbs of chicken breasts.  WOW!!!


Now you will have to split up your chicken into portion size bags and freeze on the day you get it.  It comes in 4 10 lb bags and you won’t want to just stick all of that into the freezer in 10 lb chunks.

If you are looking for recipe ideas – check out the resource from MyFreezEasy just for Zaycon chicken recipes!  If you are getting 40 lbs of chicken, then you can sign up for a month of MyFreezEasy for $12 and download a meal plan that gives you 5 different chicken recipes – enough so you can make one and freeze one for later (10 meals total)!  I can’t wait to try the shredded chicken gyros!  A month’s membership of MyFreezEasy will give you access to multiple meal plans for a variety of diets and cooking methods – so it’s not just for chicken!  Check it out if you want your life to be way easier in the kitchen!

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Here is a Facebook Live video I did about this topic as well:

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