Homemade Stinky Shoe Spray with Essential Oils

Homemade Stinky Shoe Spray with Essential Oils

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Knowing that none of us moms personally need a homemade stinky shoe spray (ahem), I’m just here to tell you about this useful tool for the sake of our kids or husbands’ shoes. 😉

I’m going to use my daughter as an example of how I know this stinky shoe spray works.  Last fall when the weather was still warm, she’d come home after school with sweaty sneakers and it was quite amazing what kind of odor her 7-year-old feet could produce!

Maybe it was because they were cheap sneakers from Walmart.  Maybe she just had stinky feet sweat.  Either way, washing her sneakers in the washing machine didn’t help much. I heard from a friend that there are some essential oils that are wonderful at getting out shoe odor, so I did some research.

All you need are 5 essential oils, a spray bottle, and some water to make your own stinky shoe spray. It takes only 5 minutes to make and this stuff really works!

What You’ll Need to make your own homemade stinky shoe spray:

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