Home Basics Under-Bed Shoe Organizer only $8.98 shipped (Normally $39.99)

Home Basics Under-Bed Shoe Organizer only $8.98 shipped (Normally $39.99)

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shoe-organizer Tanga

Home Basics Under-Bed Shoe Organizer only $8.98 shipped (reg $39.99)

Here is a great way to store our summer sandals that us norhterner

Head over to Tanga to get this shoe organizer at a great price.

Home Basics Under-Bed Shoe Organizer – $5.99 (reg $39.99)
Shipping is $2.99
= $8.98

  • 12 Slots Under Bed Shoe Organizer
  • See through vinyl top
  • Heavy duty zipper
  • Breathable fabric panels for freshness
  • measures 29″×23″×6″
  • Available in your choice of Black or White

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