Heads up About Tomorrow…….

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Hello loyal readers –


I just wanted to give you a heads up that tomorrow I am having a surgical procedure done that will require me to be in the hospital for at least one night.  I’m bringing my laptop (of course) because if I have to sit in bed, then I may as well get some blogging done.  But I highly doubt that will happen much tomorrow, if at all.  Who knows what the pain meds will do to the clarity of my mind.  🙂  And for all of you dying to know what is going on with me – nothing critical.  Let’s just say it’s repair from a baby birth complication.  🙂

I do have some fun posts pre-scheduled to go out – frugal recipes, frugal decor ideas and more!  So come back tomorrow for those, but I won’t have a normal day of deals.

Send prayers and happy thoughts my way and I’ll be back here when I can!  (hopefully Friday!)

Thanks everyone!


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