FREE Sample of Pure Leaf Tea Product + $1.00/1 Coupon at Wegmans!  #PureLeafLove

FREE Sample of Pure Leaf Tea Product + $1.00/1 Coupon at Wegmans! #PureLeafLove

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Wegmans Shoppers & Tea Drinkers – I have great news!  There is a new offer for a Free Sample of Pure Leaf Bagged Tea!

Free Sample of Pure Leaf

Pure Leaf® now offers bagged leaf tea for us to be able to steep at home!  This is a new product and Wegmans has it!  I just brought home the Black tea with Vanilla.  My Wegmans store had the tea in pyramid bags for single cups for a few other flavors other than Black Tea with Vanilla.  You can try Chai, Green Tea with Mint, and Iced Green Tea with Citrus!

Free Sample of Pure Leaf

I just took my first sip of Pure Leaf bagged tea – and it was delicious!!  It has a rich aroma with a smooth and indulgent taste!  The vanilla flavoring is a nice subtle touch to the rich black tea.  This afternoon I’ll be sipping on this rather than the coffee I’m usually consuming while blogging.  I’m not here to brag – I’m here to tell you that you too can enjoy a sip of this indulgent tea yourselves – for FREE!  You can get a free sample sent right to your home, along with a $1 off coupon that can be used at Wegmans!

Click the image below to request your free sample or CLICK HERE

Free Sample of Pure Leaf

Here is some more info on the Pure Leaf Black Tea with Vanilla: 

This long-leaf Assam black tea is perfectly balanced with Madagascan vanilla beans to create a tea-forward taste with a delectable hint of vanilla. Madagascan vanilla is well-known for its indulgent taste that lingers on your palate with a long, luscious finish.  Pure Leaf® tea bags are simply made from real tea leaves, picked at their freshest, and purposefully crafted to deliver a genuine tea experience, and are bagged in India.

Free Sample of Pure Leaf

Wegmans sells the Pure Leaf bagged tea for $4.99.  Don’t forget that when you sample comes in the mail, you’ll be able to use your $1 coupon and save a dollar when you want to try it!  I also love the packaging – different than the typical tea bag boxes we see.  A side note if you are looking for this in Wegmans – this brand is found in Nature’s Market and not in the coffee/tea aisle.

If you try it, come back and let me know how you like it!  And don’t forget to request your free sample!

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