Find Hundred’s of Amazon Deals in One Place with Dealgogogo!

Find Hundred’s of Amazon Deals in One Place with Dealgogogo!

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Hey Amazon Shoppers – you know how when you are shopping on Amazon and you see the box at checkout where there is space for a promo code?  Ever think to yourself, I wonder if there is a website that tells me what all of the Amazon Promo codes are that currently exists and if I could type one in right now to save money?  Well I just found out that one of those places does in fact exist!  It’s over at!

amazon promo codes

I know I post about Amazon deals from time to time here that I find either from Amazon daily deals, or from sellers that e-mail me about promo codes they are offering, or just deals I find by browsing the site myself.

But now it can be way easier to find awesome Amazon deals just by browsing over on!

I was recently looking through dealgogogo and saw the dress pictured above listed for just $4.19!.  It doesn’t say so in the description, but it is actually a girls dress.  Since I have 2 girls, I decided it would be a great buy to get one!  I clicked on it and this box showed up after I clicked that I wanted a promo code to get it for just $4.19:

amazon promo codes

So I went back over to Amazon and selected the dress in just this pattern:  (it’s the only pattern that the promo code works for even though there are 24 patterns to choose from)

amazon promo codes

I got this girls dress for my youngest daughter for $4.19 + free shipping because of Amazon Prime – Normally $13.98!

This can be an adorable first day of kindergarten dress for my 5 year old!   After I received it, I was pleasantly surprised with the quality as well.  I actually love the fabric – it’s a nice and soft polyester & cotton blend that won’t shrink or pill.

I would have never found this deal on my own without seeing it on dealgogogo first.  Sometimes you can’t even find a used dress that cheap at a thrift store!

I also know that sometimes when I’ve purchased a great deal like this on Amazon, I’m disappointed when I get the item because of the poor quality and I shouldn’t have wasted the money on a “good buy.”  But at least in this case – I’m thrilled with this $4 dress for my daughter!

amazon promo codes

Now I only gave you one example of a great deal.  There are hundreds you can browse through and see on  To make it easier,  search by category and find all of the current deals and promo codes currently being offered!  I can see this being very handy come Christmas time when we are all on the lookout for toy deals!

GO HERE if you are interested in adding the chrome extension where you can get a quick preview of the top 10 or so deals just by clicking the extension.  When searching for Amazon products, the extension will also tell you if the product you clicked on is the best price you can find for that product.  What a great tool to find the lowest prices when shopping on Amazon!

Amazon promo codes

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