Favado – My Favorite Store Deal Phone App!  It’s Free to Download – NEW 2.0 Version Just Came Out!

Favado – My Favorite Store Deal Phone App! It’s Free to Download – NEW 2.0 Version Just Came Out!

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It’s finally here!!!  The best grocery store app you can get for your Smartphone –  Favado!

(it is pronounced FavAdo, not FAvado.)

If you’ve noticed a difference in the format in my store deal lists in the last couple of months, it is because it has been part of the development of this new app – Favado.  Users will need to sign up online, THEN go download the app.  The system will then recognize your email when you login into the app.

How Favado works is, bascially this app finds your location, finds any store near you, and offers all of the current deal lists you can find.  This is available across the country!  So whether you live in upstate NY like me, or out in California, this app will show you all of the stores and deal match-ups in your area.  It actually covers nearly 100 grocery and drug stores nation wide!  I’m thrilled because the Wegmans deal list I create is the same list you’ll find on the app.

The cool thing is that you have access to all the store deals near you, and you can make a shopping list using your phone.  You can then e-mail that list to yourself, and then when you get home, print off all of the coupons you need for your list.  You can also set this up so that you get notified when your favorite items are on sale.  You totally won’t need to flip though sales flyers in the weekend paper if you faithfully use this app!

Favado is free (of course) and available to download in your iphone or android.  Version 2.0 was just released – so update or download today!!!!

Here are some of the new features of Favado 2.0:


  • Product Images –  This has always been the most requested feature, and they finally were able to make it a reality! No more guessing at what a product looks like when you’re searching for it on the store shelves.


  • Trending Sales – Favado is an app that’s powered by people. Our “Trending” view shows you the sales at your favorite store, sorted by the number of times they’ve been added to users’ shopping lists. The best deals are at the top, saving you time and money!



  • Instant Coupons – With Favado 2.0, you can start saving in a whole new way with load to card coupons. With the click of a button, you can beam coupons onto your loyalty store reward cards with no clipping or printing required.



We hope that you will enjoy using Favado 2.0.

favado-my-new-favorite-store-deal-phone-appHere is a short trailer video that shows how Favado works.


Favado ~ The App Trailer from Favado App on Vimeo.

I wrote in more detail How To Find The Best Prices on Thanksgiving Meal Ingredients on my local Genesee Valley Penny Saver blog over here.

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