DIY Wreath:  Winter Wonderland| Made for Less Than $7.50 Each With Christmas Clearance!

DIY Wreath: Winter Wonderland| Made for Less Than $7.50 Each With Christmas Clearance!

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DIY Wreath

Who has struck gold with the Christmas clearance sales going on the last couple of weeks? I have!!! I went to Joann Fabrics last week and SCORED some awesome wreath making materials for 75% off!!
I made the Winter Wonderland wreath for just $7.45 total – when it would have cost me $28.95 if I bought these items BEFORE Christmas at full price.

Here’s the breakdown of what I got:

Greenery wreath – Paid $3.24 – normally $12.99
Snowflake Ribbon – Paid $1.49 – normally $5.99
Blue Poinsetta – Paid $1.74 – normally $6.99
Silver Glitter Berries – paid $0.49 – normally $1.99

I brought home 4 of the greenery wreaths because you can’t find a wreath base that cheap!

All together I ended up making 3 wreaths.  I also made a snowflake variety that you can see in the middle below:
DIY Wreath


For The snowflake wreath, I used a silver flower I got on clearance at Walmart for just $0.25!  The snowflake ornaments I ordered on Amazon here:  Vickerman Plastic Glitter Snowflake, 4-Inch, Silver, 24 Per Box for $6.95 (which ends up being $0.29 each.)

HERE’S THE BREAKDOWN OF WHAT The Snowflake Wreath Cost:

Greenery:  $3.29

Ribbon:  $1.49

Snowflakes:  $2.03 ($0.29 x 7)

Silver Flower:  $0.25

Total = $7.06 – a bit cheaper than the other variety!

Since these are “winter wonderland” themed wreaths, these can stay up a couple more months and don’t have to come down with all of my Christmas decor.  I just made them – I’m not ready to take them down yet.  🙂

Do you have frugal craft ideas you’d like to share, espeically out of items you got from Christmas Clearance sales?  Send them my way for possible posting!

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  1. Totally awesome Mrs. Crafty!!!! Coralee made one for Grandma for Christmas and now we are ready to get more supplies to make more. Thanks for sharing.

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