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10 Things to Not Buy on Black Friday

10 Things to Not Buy on Black Friday

 I know many of you will be gearing up to find the most amazing deals you have all year on the upcoming Black Friday sales.  BUT, if you are a hard-core black Friday shopper, you may want to be aware of the items that won’t be hot deals to add to your wish list.

Here they are:

1.  **Smartphones

2.  **Furniture

3.  **Holiday Decorations – always get these after the holidays when they are on clearance!

4.  **Chocolates & Flowers (I guess their debut is still a few months away in February)

5.  **Newly-Developed, High-End Tech

6.  **Vacation Packages

7.  **Second-Hand Gaming Consoles

8.  **Gift Cards – wait for December for gift card deals – when they “practically rain from the sky”!!!

9.  **Fitness Equipment

10.  **Winter Gear – wait until later in the season when stores what to start adding Spring items to their floors and they discount winter clothing prices.

You can read all of the details why these are no-no’s over here.

As for me and Black Friday – I will be home, cuddled in my jammies, avoiding the crowds like the plague, and searching online for great deals.  The idea of waking up at the crack of dawn, to wait in the cold, for a good deal that I’m used to getting all year round – is NOT my idea of a good time.  😉  Those of you who are with me, come and join my HOT Online Deals Facebook group where I’ll be sharing what I find!

But for those of you who can’t wait – I wish you luck on your deal shopping journey!!!

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10 Things Not To Buy on Black Friday - not EVERYTHING is on sale this one time of year! Read what to actually NOT buy on black friday! I was totally surprised by #1!

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