7 Frugal Habits To Help You Save on Groceries (Using Coupons Is NOT On The List)

7 Frugal Habits To Help You Save on Groceries (Using Coupons Is NOT On The List)

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5.  Substitute – Next time you try a new recipe, see if there are any ingredients that you can substitute with what you already have stocked up on.  Salad dressing for example is a common condiment that coupon users probably have multiples of in their stock pile shelf.  Instead of just using this on salads – try using it as a marinade for roasted vegetables or meat dishes.  I can get free body wash often – and when I do I really stock up.  I don’t use it as body wash though – I use it to refill my liquid hand soap containers in my bathroom!
6.  Eat less meat – Do you have a bunch of vegetarian meals that you can use for a “meatless monday” dinner each week?  You don’t have to be a vegan or vegetarian to enjoy delicious vegetarian meals.  Cutting out meat just once a week from your menu is a great frugal habit to help cut back on your grocery budget.  Check out these 31 different Quinoa recipes for some inspiration!

Frugal Habits To Help You Save on Groceries


7.  Spending Freeze Week – Implement a Spending Freeze Week every few months where the rule for your family that week is that you may not spend any money unless it is for a budgeted monthly expense (like your electric bill) or on groceries like fresh produce or dairy products with a shorter shelf life.  That will force you to be more creative with your menu planning and you will use up and eat what you already have.  Unless we force ourselves to use it up what we have stocked up on, it will just keep sitting on our shelves and be a waste.  By doing this, you may also create a new family favorite recipe.  Necessity is the mother of invention!  See this post for more info on implementing a spending freeze.

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What about you?  Other than clipping coupons, what are some of your favorite frugal habits that have really helped you save on your grocery bill?  Let’s all collaborate our ideas and help each other stretch that dollar!  Come join the conversation over here in our Budget Challenge Facebook Group!

7 Frugal Habits To Help Yo Save on Groceries

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