20 Ways To Pinch a Penny!

20 Ways To Pinch a Penny!

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8.  Clearance:  Be willing to take the time to scan clearance isles or end caps at stores.  You never know what treasure you will find.  One time at Bed, Bath & Beyond, I found a half set of dishes that matched the set I already had.  I came home with more mugs and plates at a fraction of the cost of the original price.  I also found a broken picture frame clock.  I took off the broken clock parts, and still had a very cute picture frame that cost about $3, compared to $24!

9.  Shop for gift items all year round!  Whenever I see a deal that looks great, I always think if I can use it as a birthday or Christmas present.  I seriously shop for Christmas and birthdays all year round, and usually have gifts months in advance. You may remember reading about this in Planning Ahead Can Save Big.   I’ve had my daughter’s birthday presents for months, and have some ready to go for Christmas as well!

10.  Fill Out Online Surveys.  Remember the How to Save on Entertainment post?  That shows you places you can sign up to complete paid online surveys.  You an earn anywhere from $5 to $75 for answering surveys online!

11.  Do-It-Youself!  I’m sure everyone is aware that it’s always cheaper to do something yourself, than to pay for someone else to do it.  You do have to consider the time trade-off as well.  But if you are handy, and the time investment is worth the money savings, then complete projects yourself!

12.  Get creative – think outside of the box.  Use your freebies for things you may not normally use them for.  For example, make a Plarn Tote, Coffee Filter Wreath, or your own Thank You Notes using Shaving Cream and Food Coloring!

13.  Buy in bulk and split with a friend.  If you’ve avoided stockpiling, or buying in bulk because your family won’t use that product before it expires, then consider teaming up with a friend or family member and split the costs in half for even more savings!  My sister-in-law has a membership to Costcos – and I’ll give her some $ and split some of the food items you can get when you buy in larger quantities!

14.  Buy produce in season or grow your own.  We all know buying produce in season makes for a cheaper price.  Plus it is just fun to be outside with your family, picking delicious berries that you can freeze and enjoy in the winter!  Or be willing to get ugly organic produce for a fraction of the price through Misfits Market.

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