2-Pack 2600mAh Power Bank for $9.99 Shipped, down from $49.99!

2-Pack 2600mAh Power Bank for $9.99 Shipped, down from $49.99!

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2-Pack 2600mAh Power Bank for $9.99, down from $49.99!

Isn’t it great when electronic gadgets like this finally drop in price?  I just got a power pack myself!

Even better about this deal is that they will ship for FREE!

A stylish power bank for mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets, digital cameras and more. Features a 2600mAh rechargeable lithium-ion battery which helps maintain the charge of your device for several hours (duration varies based on power consumption of device). A great accessory to keep you out and about instead of sitting next to an outlet waiting for a gadget to recharge or running around with a dead battery.



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