Kmart:  HUGE Winter Clothing Clearance Sale!!!!!!  100’s of items For Less Than $10!!!!!

Kmart: HUGE Winter Clothing Clearance Sale!!!!!! 100’s of items For Less Than $10!!!!!

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 Route 66 Girl's Skinny Jeans & Belt - SequinsRoute 66 Women's Long-Sleeve T-ShirtTransformers Boy's Fleece Pajama Shirt & Pants - Optimus Prime

Click Here: Winter Apparel Clearance! starting at $3  (plus free shipping with Shop Your Way Max which you get 3 months for FREE!)

They have items for the whole family – 500+ items on sale.  Probably 100’s for less than $10!!   If you have any SYW points – now is a great time to cash in and get some really cheap clothing!


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