Wegmans Digital Coupons:  29 New Coupons on Their App

Wegmans Digital Coupons: 29 New Coupons on Their App


There are now Wegmans digital coupons on the Wegmans Smartphone app!

The normal 10 Wegmans coupons that come in the quarterly Menu Magazine are now on the Wegmans digital coupons that appear in the app, plus from time to time they add a few more digital coupons.  They might even be replacing home mailers with more Wegmans digital coupons now – so check your app today!

Wegmans digital coupons

Each of these expire 1/11/18:

$2.00 off Snack Nuts 9.5-35oz (select items – see list)

Each of these expire 1/27/18:

$1.00 off fresh cut veggies

$2.00 off ready-to-cook Seafood Appetizers

$1.00 off ready-to-eat veggie bowls

$2.00 off any ready-to-cook meat entrees

$1.00 off any ready-to-eat EZ Meal

$1.00 off any ready-to-eat Family Pack Entree

Each of these expire 2/10/18:

$2.00 off any Wegmans 2-3 ply facial tissues, 10 pk

$2.00 off Wegmans Advance Laundry Detergent, 50 or 150 fl oz

$2.00 off Wegmans Paper Towels, 12 rolls

$3.00 off any Gillette Fusion Pro Glide, 12 ct

$1.00 off any Love, Beauty & Planet Hair or Body Care Item, 13.5 or 16 oz

$1.00 off any Olay Body Wash

$1.00 off any Old Spice High Endurance or Secret Solid Deodorant, 2pk

$1.00 off any Pantene Shampoo or Conditioner, 12 or 12.6 fl oz

$2.00 off any Wegmans 2-Ply Bath Tissues, 30 rolls

$1.00 off any Wegmans Applesauce Pouches, 24 pk

$2.00 off any Wegmans Beach, Mountain or Orchard Trail Mix, 30-48 oz

$3.00 off any Wegmans Frozen Seafood Item, 32 oz

$1.00 off any Wegmans Gummy Vitamins, 150 or 180 ct

$2.00 off any Wegmans MVP Sports Drink Variety Pack, 18 pk or 24 pk

$2.00 off any Wegmans Nuts, Almonds, Cashews, Mixed Nuts, 34-36 oz

$2.00 off any Wegmans Organic Animal Cookies, 68 oz

$2.00 off any Wegmans Organic Salad Bowl, 4.5-6.5 oz (makes these $1.99)

$3.00 off any Wegmans Protein Powders, 15.7-35.4 oz

$2.00 off any Wegmans Wholesum Trail Mix, 26-28.5 oz

$1.00 off any 2 Wegmans Juic’d Right, 64 fl oz

$1.00 off any 2 Wegmans Organic Popcorn, 5-7 oz

$1.00 off any 2 Wegmans Sparkling Water, 12 pk



If you are new to using the Wegmans digital coupons – here is a quick tutorial on how they work:

If you are familiar with SavingStar – then using this app will be easy!  You can either go to Wegmans.com/digitalcoupons or download the Wegmans app on your smartphone.  Both places you will be able to clip the digital coupons.  When you do, and your purchase your item, then the savings will show up on your receipt after you swipe your shopper’s club card.  Just to be save, I clip all coupons when they come out so I’ll get the savings and don’t have to think about it.

Here is a quick 50 second video showing how these work:



Find more great Wegmans coupons and deals OVER HERE!

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