Update Post Surgery….

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Last week Wednesday I filled everyone in on surgery I was having on the 29th.

I thought I’d only be in the hospital for one night – it turned into 3.   Pain has been way more difficult to manage that I anticipated and my energy level is just starting to climb above zero.  🙁

Me being the eternal optimist that I am, figured I’d be back to my normal daily schedule by today and would just need  a little bit of extra help while I heal.

I’m a chronic over-achiever, and usually see the world through rose colored glasses.  Which means I wasn’t expecting recovery to be this challenging.

I’m leaps and bounds better than I was last week, and I know I’m continuing on that path.

I want to keep up on some deals, but just want to let you know I’ll still be doing less blog work this week than normal.

Be sure to click on the “STORE DEALS” menu bar for all of the up to date lists for this week.  Of find your store logo at the right for the current lists.  You won’t miss any coupons/deals you’ll need!   I’ll also try and and share with you a few great online deals as I have time/energy to do so.

If anyone finds anything that is totally worth posting – e-mail me!

Thanks everyone!!!

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