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Easy Melt & Pour Fall Scented Soap

Easy Melt & Pour Fall Scented Soap


School has begun, the temperatures are starting to fall, and pumpkin spice everything has arrived.  I recently made an easy melt & pour fall scented soap that I’ve just fallen in love with!  Close your eyes, and imagine inhaling clove, cinnamon and orange zest.  Sounds amazing, right?

Today, I’ll show you how to capture that perfect blend of these autumn aromas into homemade honey glycerin fall scented soap.

Never made homemade soap before? That’s okay. This version is a lot easier than you might think!

fall scented soap ingredients


What You’ll Need for this Easy Melt & Pour Fall Scented Soap:

2 lb block of Our Earth’s Secrets Honey Glycerin Soap Base – this is enough for 12 bars
Silicone Mold
Orange Essential Oil
Clove Essential Oil
Cinnamon Essential Oil
1/4 cup Ground Walnut Shells
2 cup glass measuring cup (Pyrex is my favorite)
burlap ribbon, twine, and cinnamon sticks
Makes 12 bars

fall scented soap base

I like this particular soap base because it’s the perfect color for a fall scent. Plus, it has grade A honey in it!!   It is also natural with no harsh chemicals.  Combine this with essential oils and walnut shells, you have a natural soap that doesn’t contain harsher ingredients like you’ll find the cheaper soaps from the store!  I also I like that this soap base is a product of USA!

fall scented soap essential oils

For this fall scent, I combined 3 essential oils – Clove Bud, Cinnamon Leaf (cinnamon bark will also work) and Sweet Orange.  What’s nice about making your own melt & pour soaps is that you can create your own custom scents.  I particularly like this combo.  But if you have other oils on hand that emulate autumn air – like vanilla, sandalwood, patchouli, ginger or Frankincense – you can mix and match and create different versions of fall scented soap.

fall scented soap base 2

When you order your honey glycerin soap, it will come in 2 – 1lb blocks.  I make my soap in 2 different batches, because my Pyrex measuring cup can only fit one pound at a time.

fall scented soap cut

Start by taking one of your 1lb blocks of soap and cut it into cubes.  This soap is very easy to cut with a sharp knife.  Place the cubes into your Pyrex measuring cup.

fall scented soap base after 1 min

Microwave it in 30 second intervals, stirring each time.  This is what mine looked like after one minute.

fall scented soap after 1-30 WM

After another 30 seconds, it was almost all melted, but not quite.

fall scented soap walnut shells WM

One more 30 second zap and the soap is 100% liquified.  I then added 1/4 cup of crushed walnut shells.  (My 7 year old loved helping me pour in the ingredients!)  Adding crushed walnut shells really is optional, but I love adding them for both texture and exfoliating purposes when using the soap.  If you want your soap smooth, you can leave this step out.

fall scented soap essential oil drip

For my fall scent oil combo, I used 20 drops of orange essential oil, 10 of clove and 10 of cinnamon.  If you like your soap to be really potent smelling, then I’d double that.

fall scented soap stir WM

Here is the liquid honey glycerin soap with the walnut shells and essential oils well mixed.

fall scented soap mold

Next you will want to pour it into the silicone mold.  1 lb of soap base makes 6 bars.  So after you make 2 batches, your 12 soap molds will be full.

fall scented soap done WM

Wait a few hours for your soap to cool and harden, and you can pop it out of the mold.  You can see that most of the walnut shells sunk to the bottom – which is nice because you have one side of the soap that will be specifically for exfoliation.

fall scented soap glow bar

I added some burlap ribbon, some twine, and a small stick of cinnamon for the perfect DIY gift idea!  Now that school has begun, I’m sure teachers would just adore a bar of this as a back to school gift idea!

These soaps would also make a lovely favor for your Thanksgiving feast! If you are looking for the lowest turkey prices of the season, then go here for the local turkey price deals.

Easy Melt & Pour Fall Scented Soap - I can't believe you can make 12 bars of this in less than an hour! It smells AMAZING!!

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