Spring Flowers | Frugal Decor:  Painted Vase With Mod Podge Flower Cut Outs

Spring Flowers | Frugal Decor: Painted Vase With Mod Podge Flower Cut Outs

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Here is a very easy and frugal way to spruce up a vase to add to the delight of spring in our houses!!  I keep telling myself that the real daffodils really will grow again outside.  That helps me in the middle of February when I think Spring will never show up as I still endure below zero temps in NY!

Materials Needed:

clear glass vase (I got this one for $1 at Walmart)

acrylic paint

Flower Punch – usually used for scrapbooking


Mod Podge

sponge brush

ribbon or beads (optional addition to your vase)

artificial spring flowers (I chose daffodils – tulips would also be lovely!)

String of LED lights with a timer


spring vase paper flowers


I purchased this EK tools Punch, Classic Gardenia over on Amazon.  I just used some plain white copy/printer paper and did some gardenia cutouts using it.


spring vase mod podge


I had previously painted the inside of this vase with some pink acrylic paint.

To decorate the outside of the vase, I just simply used mod podge and dabbed it on the paper flower cut outs until they were thoroughly stuck to the vase.  After the first layer was dry – I added on a second layer of Mod Podge.  I also dabbed it using a sponge brush to give it a bit of texture if you looked closely – but it does dry clear.

spring vase day time


I had the pearl applique ribbon in my craft supplies stash, so I just hot glued that to the top and bottom of the vase for a final touch.

spring flowers with lights


The fun secret ingredient to this project is a string of lights with a timer.  I have it set that around the time it gets dark, the lights automatically come on (5:30pm – once you turn on your lights at that time, they shut off after 4-8 hours, and turn on again 24 hours from the time you first turned them on).

It gives the vase a whole new look in the evening with the gardenia cut-out shapes popping out with the lighted background.  If you do use one of these strings of lights – it makes it so you would have to use artificial flowers.  I know nothing beats real – but these artificial ones are available to me now in the dead of winter, and I still like them even if they are fake.  🙂

So how about you?  How have you dressed up a simple $1 vase to add to your home decor?

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