Norwex 2 Day Flash Sale:  Get Vintage Body Pack and Body Scrub Mitt for $25.97 – Normally $34.98!

Norwex 2 Day Flash Sale: Get Vintage Body Pack and Body Scrub Mitt for $25.97 – Normally $34.98!

WOOHOO!!  I LOVE it when Norwex has a 2 day flash sale.  They only about 6-10 of these a year, so I’m always pumped when they announce them!

Starting December 5th thru December 7th at noon only (while supplies last) – you can get the Vintage Body Pack and Body Scrub Mitt for $25.97 – Normally $34.98!

Want to know why you should have Norwex Kitchen Towels or an Envirocloth in your home?  Check out the video below to see why!



Curious about the Body Cloths and Body Scrub Mitt?  Here is what they do:

Body Cloths:  Let our super-gentle microfiber facial and body cloths help you pamper your skin as you cleanse. Luxurious and lightweight, these microfiber cloths are extra gentle on even the most delicate skin. They’re perfect for normal, dry or sensitive skin types and great for the face as well as the body.

The super-soft cloths in our Body Packs are designed to pamper both face and body, and they’re available in your choice of three color palettes. The Vintage Color Three Pack coordinates with our microfiber Bath Towel colors; the Vibrant Color Three Pack complements a more brightly colored décor. Our newest Body Pack, in graphite, coordinates with our new graphite Bath and Body Towels.

Body Scrub Mitt:  Rejuvenate your entire body with our new Body Scrub Mitt. Constructed of dark grey Norwex Microfiber on one side, light grey microfiber and mesh combination on the other, this incredible, one-size-fits-all scrubbing glove fits comfortably on your hands to gently remove dead skin cells from hard-to-reach spots and reveals smooth, glowing and beautiful skin.
Size: 15 x 25 cm / 5.9″ x 9.8″

Uncover fresh, new and glowing skin with the Body Scrub Mitt as it removes dead skin cells, revealing beautiful, smoother skin with just one hand.

Keep both of these on hand for last minute Christmas Gift Ideas!!

Go HERE to order this Flash Sale Deal!

If anyone is interested in hosting a Norwex party right on Facebook – here are the amazing Norwex products you can get sent to your house for FREE:  (leave me a comment if you are interested in hosting!)\

And here are the ongoing specials that are available all December long!



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