Norwex 2 Day Flash Sale:  Get An Envirocloth, Kitchen Towel & Cloth for $39.97 – Normally $47.97!

Norwex 2 Day Flash Sale: Get An Envirocloth, Kitchen Towel & Cloth for $39.97 – Normally $47.97!

WOOHOO!!  I LOVE it when Norwex has a 2 day flash sale.  They only about 6 of these a year, so I’m always pumped when they announce them!

Starting today through July 20th only – you can get Spirinett, Veggie and Fruit Scrub Cloth and white Dish Cloth for only $24.97—save $5.50!


And/or, purchase a limited-edition eggplant Kitchen Towel, a limited-edition eggplant Kitchen Cloth and a limited-edition steel grey EnviroCloth® for only $39.97—save $8!

Want to know why you should have Envirocloth in your home?  Check out the video below to see why!



Curious about the Dish Cloth?  Here is what it does:

This loosely woven, netted Dish Cloth does your dishes and so much more. Use it anywhere scrubbing action is required. It’s also great for removing flour, dough and other sticky substances from countertops after baking. 100% nylon.

Those stinky, sticky, dirty sponges you’re using to wash the dishes your family is eating from harbor germs and who knows what else. And, admit it, you wiped a few counters with it, too. Your family deserves better.

Stop transferring germs. The Norwex Dish Cloth does the job without absorbing debris, odors or grease.

Go HERE to order either Flash Sale Deal!

If anyone is interested in hosting a Norwex party right on Facebook – here are the amazing Norwex products you can get sent to your house for FREE:  It’s MOP Month!  Host a $550 party and get the mop set for FREE!!!  (leave me a comment if you are interested in hosting!)


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