How To Shave Your Legs Using Just Water – Say Goodbye To Shaving Cream & Bar Soap for Good!

How To Shave Your Legs Using Just Water – Say Goodbye To Shaving Cream & Bar Soap for Good!

Here is a really cool trick I recently learned when it comes to shaving your legs – and it means you can now get rid of the bar soap and/or shaving cream to shave your legs!!!  For those of you with sensitive skin or who want to expose less chemicals in your body – here is your answer!

The solution? A Norwex Body Cloth.

You: “Huh? A Norwex Body Cloth? How does that work?”

Me: “Well, I’m glad you asked. See you just need to grab one of these Norwex Body cloths, get it pretty wet, and rub this on your leg before you apply your razor to your leg for “shaved row #1”. Then wipe again, and use the razor again, and repeat until your leg is nice and smooth! No bar soap needed. No shaving cream needed. Just water! This microfiber cloth adds just the right amount of water to your leg so that you get a smooth shave, and it exfoliates at the same time. I also don’t nick or cut myself anymore with my razor when I use the Norwex Body Cloth to shave!”

You: “Yeah right – this totally won’t work. I’m so sick of reading these ridiculous claims on the internet!”

Me: “Ugh, I know right? I’m so sick of them too! All the annoying click bait every where just for me to buy something that I’ll just waste my money on anyway.

But that isn’t the case here. For real.”

You: “So I really just use this cloth on my leg, and I can shave without soap or shaving cream?”

Me: “Yep!”

You: “What about my armpits?”

Me: “Works on those too!”

You: “How much? I should have asked this at the start of our conversation!”

Me: “Just $20 for 3 clothes with a return policy if you don’t love them. They make a great gift too – especially if you want to help your mom pamper herself, or if you are sending a graduate off to college soon.”

You:  “So why do I trust you, you random Norwex sales consultant on the internet???”

Me:  “Well…..because I found something that makes my life easier and simpler.  And if I never have to purchase shaving cream again, then this is cheaper too.  You know I’m all about a good deal, and fun life tips, so this is a good fit to share. But if you have specific questions – just e-mail me at happy deal happy day @ hotmail (dot) com and I’ll be sure to get back to you. (use e-mail address without spaces). Then you’ll know I’m a real person and not just a blog post. Seriously – you can just send a message and say hi – and you’ll get a real person responding to you. ;)”

You: “So where do I go to order?”

You:  “Oh yeah – I saw that button earlier in this post.”

Me:  “That’s ok – I know we all scroll super fast through these posts – so you may have easily missed it the first time 😉  Just click that you aren’t ordering for a specific party.”

You: “And if I order these, you really truly think I’ll like them better than the washcloths I already have, and I seriously never have to buy shaving cream for me ever again?”

Me: “Yep! 🙂  Plus I’m a tired mom just like you trying to make my life more simple.  I rarely shave my legs in the winter.  It’s a pain in the butt to do in the summer.  I know I’m not alone, which is why I’m taking the time to share this tip.   If you are tired like me, then you’ll appreciate my bluntness on how easy I make this.

Oh – and one more thing:”

norwex body cloth

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Bar soap dries my skin out so much, and this post has great advice - it's kinda funny too. ;)

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