Frugal Craft Projects |  Easy Centerpiece with Toothbrushes

Frugal Craft Projects | Easy Centerpiece with Toothbrushes

 toothbrush centerpiece

Here is another fun project that I’ve added to my Frugal Craft Projects series. As you may or may not know, each project I post in this series involves a product that I’ve gotten for free or dirt cheap using coupons.  If I get more than my family can use, that I usually give it away or donate it.  But some I hang on to and come up with ideas like the one below.  This one is to show you how to make an easy centerpiece with toothbrushes!

Easy Centerpiece

Before I give you all of the instructions, here is currently what is on my dining room table as our Christmas centerpiece.

To start, grab 3 toothbrushes.  I’ve gotten so many for free in the past year, that it was easy for me to find 3!  I linked them up like the picture shows above with a plastic ring.  I got my ring for an Airborne bottle.  You could also get one from a milk jug.

Easy CenterpieceI bought the glass bowl for $1 at a yard sale last spring.  I had to test it out to make sure the toothbrushes would hold it up.

The next step is to disguise the toothbrushes so that it will be hard to tell what the base is made out of.

I used scissors and a razor blade to get rid of the toothbrush bristles.

I snagged some cheap fabric at a Joanne’s Fabric sale.  You don’t need much fabric.  You could cut up an old t-shirt if you wanted to make this even more frugal!

I cut the fabric into strips, and just wrapped each toothbrush in one of the three different fabric patterns I had.  I just used a hot glue gun to adhere the fabric to each end.


Back in the ring each toothbrush went.  I didn’t cover up the ring, but I’m sure you could also wrap that with fabric if you so chose.  Or paint it, color with a  sharpie, etc.

Easy CenterpieceThis was the finished project and my summer version with the straw balls (is that what those are called?) that I already had at my house.  The current Christmas version is pictured at the top.  I like this, because it is versatile and can change with the seasons.


How about you?  Do you have any fun craft ideas using toothbrushes?  Any other easy centerpiece ideas? If so, I’d love to have you send them over to me for possible posting!


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