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Come Join Two New Facebook Groups – A Community of Money Savers!

If you have “liked” my Happy Deal – Happy Day Facebook page, but don’t see my posts in your feed, here is a way you can still get updated on the latest deals via Facebook!
Two new groups have been created where you will see my grocery deals, and more specifically (since it’s my favorite) Wegmans coupons and deals!

Just click on the links below to request to join and myself or the other admin, Denise from Coupons For Your Family, will accept your request.

These groups have grown fast! There has been great discussion on coupons tips and tricks, where to find organic coupons, and baby formula coupon trading has occured.


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Cut Your Grocery Bill in HALF

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Wegmans Coupons and Deals

Rochester NY Food Pantry | Bonus Footage on Edible Insects!

Rochester NY Food Pantry | Bonus Footage on Edible Insects!

I took the plunge and did my first vlog post.  I interviewed my friend Autumn who runs a local food center/food pantry called Sent By Ravens. If you have items you can donate, then watch this video!  PLUS, it gets super funny at the end when Autumn gives us a lesson on Edible Insects! YesContinue Reading

Spaghetti & Meatball Cupcakes for April Fools!

Spaghetti & Meatball Cupcakes for April Fools!

  Anyone remember this Amazon Deal: Cake pen decorator for just $2.63 shipped! I got mine about a week ago and used it today to make these Spaghetti & Meatball Cupcakes for April Fools!   I used buttercream frosting, low sugar strawberry preserves and Ferrero Rocher as the meatballs.  :) YUM!   Find more great Amazon deals I post overContinue Reading | Maura White Google + Page Channel: HappyDealHappyDay Publisher: HappyDealHappyDay Ad Dimension: Pixel/Popup - 1 x 1