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Adult Acne – How I Got It to FINALLY Clear Up!

adult acne


I’ve struggled with acne since about 12 years of age.  For all of my teenage and adult years, I have tried EVERYTHING to get rid of it.  In my teenage years I tried oxy cleansing pads, any OTC product with salicylic acid, numerous brands of oil cleansing soaps, topical cream prescribed by a dermatologist, and even internal antibiotics prescribed by a dermatologist.  In my college years I used Proactiv with decent results.  Since the active ingredient in Proactiv was benzoyl peroxide, I eventually quit my membership and just used Clean & Clear Persa-Gel with benzoyl peroxide in it.  I never had 100% clear skin unless I was pregnant.  (I think that was the only physical joy I experienced while pregnant.)  :)

Since my pregnancy days are over, and you can hardly rely on growing babies as a form of acne treatment, I guess I just figured I’d use benzoyl peroxide and be ok with the 75% clarity my skin had, and try to ignore the annoying tiny bumps that were just always on my forehead. (which medically speaking are called subclinical acne).

The one thing I didn’t try, was any sort of oil based product.  I thought that anyone who would add oil (what I thought was the cause of this mess) to their face was just absurd.  Recently though, while looking at some articles on Pinterest about the health benefits of coconut oil, I read about someone else having a positive experience ridding acne using coconut oil.  I thought they were crazy for sure. But I read the theory behind it, that the coconut oil will help displace your face oil, and will keep your skin moisturized so that your pores are not on oil making overdrive because of all of the skin drying products I was using.  Since nothing else has been 100% effective, I guess I decided to go ahead and give it a try.

I have a quart size jar Tropical Traditions Coconut oil that I had been using for skin moisturizer, mostly on my baby after bath time.  I’ve used it once in awhile for cooking, but used it mostly on myself and kids as a skin moisturizer – but NEVER on my face.  Until 3 weeks ago.  I don’t know what made me finally try – but I figured one night wouldn’t kill me.  So I slathered it all over my face at night.

Seriously the next morning I noticed a difference.  My skin for sure was not worse, and actually felt moisturized and smooth.  My forehead was definitely clearer in terms of acne.  Not perfect, but we were on the right track!

For the first week, I also used the Clean & Clear Persa Gel with the coconut oil.  I was too nervous to not have that on my face as well.  After a week though, I stopped using the Persa Gel.  My skin was looking awesome!

The true test though was PMS week.  That is always the worst for me, and I never thought that coconut oil would work through that week!  But it did!!!

Today, 3 weeks later,  I can say I have the clearest skin I’ve ever had, unless I was pregnant.  I really wish I had a before picture.  But since I had no idea I was going to write about how well this worked, I don’t have one.  :(  (Maybe deep down that is a good thing so you know this is from the heart, and not a paid advertisement.)

My photo of my forehead above is not edited.  It is just what I took using my iphone.
The brand of coconut oil I used is Tropical Traditions Gold Label Virgin Coconut Oil.  They also have a Green Label oil that you might want to try that is a bit cheaper.  I haven’t tried other brands, so I can’t say that you will get the same results, but my guess is that you would.  I have heard that it needs to be organic and virgin, so that you don’t add any impurities to your skin.  I am also a member over at Thrive Market where you can save 25% – 50% on other brands of organic, virgin coconut oil!  You can look for other deals on Virgin Coconut oil over on Amazon too.  I’m sure that a quart of coconut oil will last much longer than a little tube of Clean & Clear persa gel.  They cost about $6, and I used about a tube a month – so over the long run, I’m sure coconut oil is a cheaper option, as well as healthier!

I know this may not work for anyone, but I would LOVE to know if you’ve had a similar experience!  Tell us about your experience with coconut oil on your face in the comments!  My hubby, who is a skeptic over everything, has seen my skin and is actually trying it now!


Bonus tip:  I do not believe that having acne is 100% biological or physiological.  I know that emotions, especially anxiety, can be the root cause of acne.  It has been the combination of using coconut oil, and applying the principles in this Freedom From Acne book that have brought me total clear skin!

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