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How To Make an Autumn Grapevine Wreath

How To Make an Autumn Grapevine Wreath


I remember late in the Spring when my husband was complaining about some grapevines taking over some of our trees in the woods.  I told him to pull them out and I would totally use them to make a wreath!  He didn’t think I was serious until he put a pile of them on our deck – and then I made what is pictured above.  🙂

Materials needed:

*Grapevines (or you can buy a plain grapevine wreath over on Amazon – but I think using your own if you have them is a lot more fun!)

*Acorns (I got these in my yard)

*Pinecones (I got these in my yard)

*Fake leaves and berries (I got these at the Dollar Tree)

*Gold Spray Paint

*Hot Glue Gun


grapevine wreath fall

It is not a science to turn the tangled mess of grapevines into a wreath – it really just takes patience to shape and tuck the vines in until you get them in a circular pattern and it stays together. There was just a lot of experimenting and manipulating the vines into the correct shape and tucking in the ends so that it didn’t unravel.  I used 4 or 5 really long vines and intertwined them into each other.

grapevine wreath fall, twine

As you can see in my initial wreath, it wasn’t perfectly circular, and a few of the vines were sticking out and I was not confident it would stay together.  So I pulled out my twine and decoratively tied it together in 7 different places. That gave it much better shape and it was really held together nicely with the twine.

grapevine wreath up close

I found these decorative leaf pins from Craft Geek that I wanted to somehow incorporate.  I decided to clue them on the twine for a small detail of fall leaf bling.  🙂

DIY autumn grapevine wreaths horizontal

I wanted some more gold accents to match the leaf pins, so I spray painted the acorns and pinecones.  Plus some of my fake leaves from the Dollar Tree had some gold shimmer in them which matched nicely.

I then gathered all of the fake leaves, berries, acorns, pinecones, etc. and arranged them on my wreath – and then got out the glue gun to hold it all together!

diy autumn grapevine wreaths acorn

What awesome DIY fall decor item do you have in your house this year??  Be sure to share in the comments!  😉

DIY autumn grapevine wreath - this is an easy fall DIY! Cost me less than $5 to make!

This wreath will be great to hang in your dining room during your Thanksgiving feast! If you are looking for the lowest turkey prices of the season, then go here for the local turkey price deals.

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