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Frugal Craft Project | Ribbon Christmas Card Display

Frugal Craft Project | Ribbon Christmas Card Display


ribbon christmas card display2

This year I came up with a new solution to displaying my Christmas cards that I could use year after year.  I have mistakingly in the past used poster putty or tape to hang cards in my living room entry way.  What a mess both of those can leave on your walls!  I’ve had to use these to clean it up!

My solution:   I made these ribbons with grommets in them, so could hang them year after year on Command Hooks, and clip on the cards using mini clothes pins!

Here are the materials you need:

christmas card display materials

mini clothespins


**Loew-Cornell Woodsies Tiny Spring Clothespins, 1-Inch, Natural, 50-Pack (purchase over on Amazon)

**Command Hooks – I used the ones with metal hooks and not plastic.  The metal wire hooks were skinny enough for the holes on the grommets to fit.

**Ribbon – I cut mine about 5 feet long and have 5 of them in my kitchen and living room entryway.

**Lord & Hodge 1073A-0 Grommet Kits (purchase over on Amazon)


**Christmas Cards to be displayed (thank you captain obvious!)


1.  Cut the ribbon the length you want it – mine are about 5 feet long.  I didn’t want it to go all the way to the floor – so just measure the area where you want to hang your cards.  I snipped a triangle out of one end to prevent fraying.  You could also use clear nail polish on the ends of the ribbon to prevent fraying.

2.  Then I followed the instructions on the grommet kit to get a grommet on the end of each ribbon.  Basically you just hammer the 2 parts of the grommet together until secured between the ribbon.  That was the fun part!  :)

3.  Place your Command Hook where you want it on the wall.  Hang your ribbon from the Command Hook.  Grab your Christmas cards and mini clothespins (they are just super cute!) and hang them up!  No more tape or poster putty!!  Now as new cards are coming in the mail daily, I can add to the display!



grommet kit


christmas card display closeup

ribbon christmas card display horzontal

 Easy, right?  What do you do to display your Christmas cards??

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