Big Fat Frown Face Huggies!!!!

HUGGIES - Enjoy the ride


Remember all of the awesome codes I posted a couple of days ago for your Huggies Emjoy the Ride rewards program?

Yeah well, I got this e-mail today:

“Recently several Huggies Rewards codes worth 34-points were shared online. Unfortunately these codes were not authorized or distributed by Huggies® brand via our brand websites, Facebook page, direct mail or email. Rather, they were distributed through sources not affiliated with the Huggies brand. Because we value the integrity of our Rewards program, the point value related to these unauthorized codes has been removed and your account has been adjusted.”

I did get a 25 code for my “inconvenience” which is better than nothing.  But I’ll admit I’m quite bummed all of those points are gone.  🙁

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