facebook 200 200 I was a high school science teacher for 8 years until I decided to take a promotion and become professional stay at home mom after my first daughter was born.  The pay is minimal, but the benefits exceed all of my expectations.

With the decision to take our family from two incomes to one, money saving tips are a necessity. I’ve always gotten some sort of “high” from finding good deals and getting the most for my money.  It’s like a fun treasure hunt for me.  In between diaper changes, shopping trips, and other “mom” activities, I’ll be here giving my two cents and spreading the good news on tips to be wise with money.

Wegmans coupons and deals are my specialty for the Rochester, Buffalo and Finger Lakes area shopping!  I’d much rather shop online on Amazon than anywhere else!  I also like to be creative with what I find dirt cheap or free and even decorate my house with items like toilet paper rolls and melted crayons!  Come and visit daily where I’ll post the best deals you can find, and hopefully we will all have some fun along the way.

I also have some great Facebook groups that you will want to join.  There is great community in each where we share deals, give reviews, and answer questions.  I’d love to have you join each!!

If you have any questions/comments, feel free to use the Contact Me page or send me an e-mail at happydealhappyday (at) hotmail (dot) comMaura White head shot


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