Best Money Saving Apps For Your SmartPhone

Best Money Saving Apps For Your SmartPhone

 I ran a 20 day Budget Challenge back in January.  Now that it has been 6 months, I have some updated info and want to be sure to keep you up to date – so check out how you can save money using these smart phone apps! Be sure to join the Budget Challenge Facebook group for more discussion!

Join us for Day #16 of the 20 Day Budget Challenge – The Best Money Saving Apps For Your Phone!

Let’s talk today about how we can use some apps on our smartphones to save us money that go above and beyond finding and clipping paper coupons, or using promo codes when shopping online.

  • My two favorites are Ibotta (cash back program) and Favado (price comparison and deal list app).  If you click on those links, it will take you to posts that will explain more details to you how they work and how you can sign up each.
  • You can also sign up for other cash back websites such as SavingStar or Checkout51.  I use both of those as well on a regular basis for grocery savings.  SavingStar is great because you type in your loyalty card # (Wegmans Shopper’s Club card for exapmple) and when you purchase an item you selected that you wanted a discount for, the savings goes into your account.  Checkout51 requires a receipt photo upload.  Both of these you can cash out when you reach $20 in earnings.
  • If you want to easily find a weekly ad like you’d find in the newspaper, then you should checkout Retale.  If you want to find Big Lots savings for example, you can find the weekly ad for Big Lots right on your phone without have to buy or dig through the newspaper to find it.  You can change your location in the app to be sure you are finding your local store deals.
  • Dosh is another app to try.  You type in your credit card # into your Dosh account, and whenever you make a purchase that earns you cash back, it automatically shows up in your account.  The biggest savings I’ve seen so far are for travel.  You earn $5 just to sign up – and you can cash out once you reach $10!
  • You can also earn cash back on online purchases through sites such as (ex. shop online at The Children’s Place) or  I recently got 18% cash back from a hotel reservation using Ebates!  (Keep in mind, you don’t get your rebate on travel unil 6 weeks after your trip.)  Ebates has its own app that you can shop through on your phone. has an app called PriceJump where you can scan a bar code of a product and it will tell you the cheapest place where you can purchase it!

It will take you a bit of time to download these apps and play around with them a bit.  I recommend starting with Ibotta.

Have more specific questions or comments on these money saving apps?  Have suggestions for more?   Come and tell/ask us in our Budget Bootcamp Facebook Group!

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